Ep 11: Self Awareness and AI; Do Cylons dream of electric sheep?

The guys start with definitions and a little talk about privacy of thought and asolipsism
Bruce asks about the granting of intelligence for argumentative purposes
Sean gives his definitions of the difference between virtual and artificial intelligence
Ryver asks how we might know the difference
Sean talks about the Turing test its strengths and weaknesses
Bruce asks if the god’s eye view might not break the vision of intelligence
the guys toss around the notion of an AI having a virtual world to be compared to and whether or not it would know there was anything else outside its artificial world
Bruce likens the theoretical AI to a child learning about the world
Sean asks if the AI’s reality would extend beyond the machine to the external world
Ryver asks how anonymity effects the ability to believe in the outside world
Bruce suggests that the AI may extrapolate a model of the outside world
Sean argues that it would not know this as another greater reality but more as if it were a game
Bruce suggests that it may view our world as a conspiracy theory
Sean suggests that to an AI the notion of our biological/physical world would seem so alien as to be absurd
Ryver suggests that the inability to directly observe is the problem
Bruce suggests that the AI might be atheistic in regard to humans
Sean likens the AI’s understanding of physical reality to our experience of dinosaurs if we had no evidence
Bruce points out that the topic has shifted to would an AI believe in us
Sean counters that this is a crucial piece because for an AI to know it is an AI it must understand that there are different intelligence
Bruce wonders if the AI’s inability to believe in our intelligence isn’t telling of our ability to believe in AI
Ryver brings us back to Cylon’s
Sean talks a little BSG lore
Bruce points out that in order to question the AI’s experience we first have to have granted that it has a Cartesian theater
Sean points out that arguing about whether or not a strong AI could exist is a bit of dead horse beating
Ryver brings up Moore’s law and the kind of futurism that leads to asking questions about AI
Bruce talks about semantics and syntax as seen in John Searle’s work and David Chalmers philosophical zombies
Sean talks about Cylon’s levels of self awareness and the awareness of humans about the presence of Cylon’s
Ryver talks about Cylon’s and emotions
Sean brings up replicants and Blade Runner
The guys talk about the Voight-Kampff test and what it tells us about our ideas of humanity
Ryver relates this back to existentialism
Bruce talks about the desire for humanity
Sean relates the inability to differentiate to a kind of creeping nihilism
Ryver points out that Philip K Dick had always intended for the story to leave us unsure if Deckard the main character was himself a replicant
Sean talks about the 4 stages of nihilism in Nietzsche’s work and the relationship between human and replicant
Bruce asks if a Cylon that doesn’t know what it is becomes aware does that destroy part of who that “person” was before?
The guys kick around that it means to have your world view drastically changed suddenly
Ryver brings in the concept of dreaming and what we mean by it in the title
Sean breaks down sleep dreams and aspirational dreams
Sean takes the last word to puzzle a bit about why we find the topic of sci-fi, artificial intelligence, and what it means to be human so fascinating

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