S. A. Kehr’s Interview…

S. A. Kehr

Email: SAKehr@PhilosophicalChainGang.com

S. A. Kehr was born in October 1981 in rural northern california. A life long interest in philosophy lead him to study the subject formally in college. While attending Portland State University he was an active member of the on campus philosophical community. During that time he regularly attended student run philosophy club events as well as the faculty organized socratic society finding peers and collaborators in both. On three consecutive years he was invited to present papers at the Pacific University undergraduate philosophy conference. He has continued to be a passionate advocate for the practice of in person philosophical dialog and debate.

An early love of sci-fi also lead him to a passion for geek culture, games, and the intersection between philosophy and popular culture. He is also a visual artist working with painting, drawing, and printmaking. His artwork can be seen @ https://www.patreon.com/Dreaming
Authors: William Gibson, Roger Zelazny, Friedrich Nietzsche, Franz Kafka, Thomas A. Easton, Jim Butcher, Allen Moore
Movies: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Midnight Express, American Beauty, The Matrix Trilogy, Kevin Smith’s movies, Godfather 1&2, Full Metal Jacket, Brazill, Sin City, Toxic Avenger, Idiocracy, A Scanner Darkly, Quills, Dune, V for Vendetta
TV: Lost, Heroes, Twilight Zone, Fringe, Futurama, Sons of Anarchy, Daily Show, Colbert Report, Coupling, Weeds, Californication, Babylon 5, Star Trek, Duckman, Chuck, Firefly, Lie to Me, Royal Pains,Breaking Bad, Black Mirror

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