Ryver’s Interview…


Email: RyverH@PhilosophicalChainGang.com

While he considers himself nerdy in all things, his primary focus is on video games and comics. He doesn’t have much of an academic background in philosophy, taking some classes at the local community college. he’s mostly learned what he knows from the internet and the other members of the chain gang. He considers himself more of an existential philosopher than anything. The only claim to fame Ryver has is a sketch he did for the cable television show Portlandia, where he played an “actual nerd”, which many of his friends will attest is quite true.

Quote: “I’m usually a lot better at ranting”

Recommended Reading:
The Killing Joke by Alan Moore
The Illuminatus Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson
The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir

Recommended Playing:
Spec Ops: the Line
Gone Home
Hotline Miami

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