Professor Metal’s Interview…

Prof. Metal


Vincent Lee Metal, known more simply as Professor Metal, is a benevolent soul with a strong humanitarian bent.  Born to a rather wealthy family in the late (redacted) Century, he had always been fascinated by the emerging technology, especially batteries and lithographic printing.  His parents made certain he had access to the best tutors available and when he finally came of age in (redacted) he was sent off to Evil University.

Professor Metal’s focus on Moon Lasers is entirely for defensive purposes.  He is, in no way, bent on world domination.  After all, the world is far too chaotic for his orderly and old-fashioned sensibilities. As a Doctor of Evil Physics and Evil Engineering, he teaches at Evil University during Summer term.  He has yet to achieve tenure, as he is unwilling to stoop to the under-handed tactics employed by some of his colleagues.  One day, however, they will all pay.  Every. Last. One of them.

Professor Metal has a love of Philosophy, mostly instilled in him by Nietzsche, that formed early in his academic career as a way to understand how people think.  From there, he had a brief foray into a study of temporal alteration before settling into his established major.  He has spent of small measure of time attempting a career as a poet, and is accounted a fine chef by those what know him best.
Professor Metal’s favorite movies include Trainspotting, A Scanner Darkly, and Dune.  His favorite musical styles are Wagnerian Opera and Victorian Travesty (also known as Burlesque).  His favorite literature is largely science fiction, including notable authors such as William Gibson, Isaac Asimov, and Hugh Howey.

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