Ep 28: Art and Subsidization; Who Is Paying the Piper?

Sean talks about the development of using municipal art projects to stimulate the local art scene

Ryver discusses the Portland, OR art scene as an example of this

Bruce compares this to the history of music

The Philosophers discuss the benefit of a well-developed local art scene

Sean proposes the idea that a thriving of a local art community can enrich the inner life of the people in that place

The Philosophers talk about another common form of art, that of so-called “corporate” art, and how this is distinctly different

Bruce explains why he feels that corporate art is a lesser form of art

Sean expands on the points Bruce brings up, and why corporate art is different

Bruce talks about the arbitrary nature of the price of art

Sean and Ryver propose and discuss the idea of corporations having a direct financial incentive to produce art that makes people feel a particular way

Ryver discusses the similarities between this and native advertising

Bruce compares this to propaganda

Sean expands on this idea

Bruce and Sean talk about the factors that determine the success of certain art forms and the exceptions within those criteria

The Philosophers encounter an Existential Crisis; find out what happens during the thrilling conclusion of Art and Subsidization: Who Is Paying the Piper?

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