Social Contract of a “Totalitarian Dictatorship”

-the-dictator-wants-to-know-if-you-can-survive-the-wadiyan-games-exclusive--84c2ce85d0Social Contract of a “Totalitarian Dictatorship”

By Professor Metal

I am often told that the people of Metalonia suffer under my rule, that they are not “free”, and that they want to live in peace. I can only say that these people, organisations, and international courts do not understand our culture or the relationship my people and I have. There is, like in every society, something of an unwritten contract between the people and those who govern them. I keep a copy in my vault in case anyone needs to consult it.

The people of Metalonia, by and large, enjoy a great standard of living. Anyone what can work, does. Healthcare, housing, and basic necessities are all taken care of, and though the quality of these things are based on your value to our society, no one fails to receive things they need to survive. Roving Death Squads keep the populace safe, Re-Education Centers teach both young and old the laws and customs of the land, and Subjugation Stations rehabilitate criminals, often into some of the most loyal of all subjects of the Metal Empire.

To be sure, there are things I do not grant my people that some governments do. But really, how many of these freedoms do you really use? Are you a journalist? You still have a job in Metalonia telling people what I want them to know. Are you a firearm enthusiast? There are always positions open in the Roving Death Squads. Are you a religious leader? You can practice here in one of our “Religion Zones”, though you may have a skill-set that lends itself well to our Ministry of Propaganda.

There has also been some discussion as to the privacy allowed my citizens. Yes, there is an Elusive Yawing Examination Camera (colloquially referred to as the “All Seeing E.Y.E.”) on every street corner and public building. But those are simply to track foreign journalists and to make certain everyone’s Citizen Registration is up to date. There is nothing nefarious about them if you have nothing to hide. I, Professor Metal, wish only to keep the citizens of Metalonia safe and up to date on their vaccinations and medical enhancements.

These and many other things are why people should think before making outlandish claims about my “human rights record” and my “totalitarian rule”. The people of Metalonia, at the absolute minimum, are sheltered and fed. How many countries can say that of their people? These aspersions being cast at our fine nation are slander by those who envy our order and prosperity, pure and simple. Look at my biggest detractor, America: They claim to be an advanced and democratic society, yet their people are kept complacent and ignorant to the point that they actively vote against their own interests. In the interest of transparency, I must admit that am a little in awe of this. I’ve never had so much as a single citizen vote, much less directly against their own interests.

Let’s not forget that every loyal citizen chooses every day to be a part of this society by continuing to be in it, by receiving the benevolent gifts of the Ministry of Public Good, and most importantly, by not leaving to go somewhere else. Are there disloyal individuals who take my food and my homes whilst plotting to destroy me and the nation I have built? Yes, and they are hypocrites of the worst kind. Some receive money from foreign governments, some are dissatisfied with their place in society, and some are simply fooled by the propaganda of our enemies. Yet even they have a place within our society. Once they have completed a Thought-Police taught Re-Admittance course from an accredited Subjugation Station, they are welcomed back into our society with open arms.

So yes, people in Metalonia cannot own guns unless they are a member of a Roving Death Squad. Yes, the people of Metalonia have rights freedoms of speech or religion(outside of the Religion Zones) that are able to be revoked by any member of a nearby Roving Death Squad, Propagandist, or Re-Education Specialist. Yes, the news agencies of Metalonia must run each story they wish to report on past the Ministry of Totally and Completely Fair and Open Journalism. But even then, the people of Metalonia are free to do as they wish. They simply must accept that there are consequences for certain types of actions. That is our social contract. That is both the blessing and curse of radical freedom. I do my best to keep my people safe, and sometimes they must be kept safe from themselves.

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  1. January 26, 2016 at 7:28 PM

    Leviathan: People want and need this, according to Hobbes, as they are too selfish and greedy to truly obtain a society as Aristotle would describe one. Not saying it is right or wrong, but there are precedents.


    Daddy Ben Bear

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