The 1st Anniversary Special

Welcome one and all to a very special Anniversary episode of Professor Metal’s Irate Debate and Calamitous Commentary with The Philosophical Chain Gang

The Philosophers introduce the creation of the episode, and discuss the origins of The Philosophical Chain Gang

The Philosophers talk about the gritty reboot of a wide variety of movies, from Batman to The Big Lebowski.

Ryver discusses the appeal of the old Batman TV Series and the cultural changes that lead to it

Bruce presents his problem with Michael Keaton as Batman

The Philosophers discuss the career arc of Tim Burton

Professor Metal talks about his hopes for Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and why the dream could never be

Ryver presents the existential terror not quite hidden with the Gene Wilder version of this movie

Bruce discusses the tone of the movie as relates to the source material

Sean and Ryver expand on the horror aspect of the movie

The Philosophers discuss the seemingly predetermined nature of the children’s selection, and the possible moral tale that accompanies each character

The Philosophical Chain Gang discusses Charlie and The Chocolate Factory as an allegory for a variety of biblical scenarios

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